Pop music, as a parent (commentary)


The following comments are from Facebook, where everyone lives.

HG I find her voice a bit shrill. But I feel that about most top 40 female pop stars. Pink is the worst for it. Dunno.. not into that tone. But I like Katy Perry as a performer and personality and songwriter… the genre isn’t my thing at all, but for what it is it’s decent.

Yeah, several of my students have mentioned this shrillness. I am not sure I have noticed it myself but the previous post was an attempt to understand a state of mind (my own) not a singer. I am sure you are right, though. Up till the last six months I have mostly experienced pop music vicariously, through video. Divorced of video, pop music sounds different. I appreciate the way pop music – much more so than feminist punk (say) or badly remastered 1960s soul music – sounds designed to fit in among the hubris of everyday life. Is Katy Perry shrill? Yes, now you mention it. Do I appreciate her performence? I always appreciate the performance.

CTM I think as a parent you start listening to the shit you said you hated before children…. Because your children like the shit you hate… I can get my daughter to listen to my music and she will appreciate some of it… She had been known to sing along to my music….But alas she is four years old and does not understand the music snobbery I display!!! She likes bloody Katy Perry, Taylor swift and other such crap… And there is nothing I can do to stop it!!!! 😬

True, but I LOVED much of pop music before I had children. I do not listen to Katy Perry because of my kids. My kids listen to Katy Perry because of me. (Is that normally the case, in home environments?) I do not think of Taylor Swift or Beyoncé as crap (often their tunes are more memorable and the music more nuanced than near anything I can recall), although I remain undecided about Katy Perry. Music snobbery remains a positive attribute for now but as I get older I cannot help but notice it is used to justify a love for Adele and a love for Radiohead.

GS Katy Perry equals good pop music, it’s disposable like most pop but you can’t argue firework and California gurls are classic pop tracks.

You can always argue. 

ZS 5-Track says “functional music… good for dishes, cooking, laundry… I test a lot of music that way & while some of my favorites fail the functionality/housework test (sometimes comically so), most of it has other uses & the stuff that has a real day-to-day functionality, while not always my favorite, I value highly cos I need it to keep me moving. (“Music is energy” ~HST) Then there’s some things that slot in nicely both to practicality & for other uses”.


JK Brendan Perry’s daughter Katy is a fine pop artist.



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