Pop music, as a parent (recommendations)


First out the block is a goldie.  Way too full-on to play in the background, and I assume that it is a knowing rip of ‘Rapture’, hence the barely-changed beat and lyrics… but man. That video is doing my eyes in. Such a proliferation of booty and righteous brass. Or should that be the other way around? If you want to reinvent or reinvigorate a sound then damn well do it, don’t fuck around and pay lip tribute to being ‘original’. The energy is the key here. This is little to do with pop music as a parent, really. All the children have the energy, not us.

I did ask for some recommendations on Facebook, but… Beach House? Really? Also, anything with less than a million YouTube views does not cut it. Also, Isaac already has the post-computer game dance music stuff covered. This next onecuts it, though. All kinds of amazing, as parlance has it.

Lissie is like a female Chris Martin. I cannot condone this shit. Young, gifted and crap.

This mixtape is fun. You could just stick this on after Fleur East and laugh at the Uptown Funkness of it all, but why would you do that? To dance is to forget notions of ‘cool’. To groove is all.

This is not pop music, not by the definition above, but I would play it in the company of my children AND on my headphones late at night, because it is great. Thank you, siren scientists from Greece. Just shows what can be done with a great tune.

The next scares the shit out me. Blue like Dr Who.

This reassures me that life carries on and mutates regardless. Better than Sugar Puffs.

“Has Rihanna released a video wherein she has a chassis-teasing, vaguely abusive relationship with a truck?” asks SE. “No. No, she has not.” This is ET heartland territory but clearly not for the kids. Even they might realise ** stands for u.

Great to hear Lady Leshurr going from strength to strength.

Again, not for the kids (speaking as a parent) but… yeah. Sweet.

This next one is a placeholder, a reminder to myself. I mean, seriously? I stop writing about music for a couple of weeks and BAM! Swamped with the great stuff.

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