Producing music at home – 1. Sugababes


Several years back now, The Flaming Lips came up with this gimmick where their new album could only be properly listened to using four separate CD players. Nice gimmick. Of course, they could have mixed it all together themselves, or supplied separate mixes separately, but it seemed like a way in to entice people who might not otherwise be enticed. Simple to do, when you think about it. They also invited dozens of music writers to get on stage with themselves holding boomboxes so they all could play versions of the album simultaneously: some of us have been doing the equivalent in our houses for decades now. Still, great way to guarantee press.

Last night, I accidently hit play on both the YouTube and iTunes version of Sugababes’ Push The Button, five seconds apart – and liked what I heard. So I figured I could take it to further extremes easily, utilising Windows MovieMaker. (It must be simple. I can use it.) This is the result of 12 layers of Push The Button, spaced five seconds apart – and a bonus song thrown in after 90 seconds that I defy you to identify. Hope you enjoy it. Daniel reckons it sounds like a thunderstorm.

One Response to Producing music at home – 1. Sugababes

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s a load of shite, but I do like the picture at the top!

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