song of the day 2. Hinds


A few fundamentals of rock’n’roll.

  1. Hide the melancholy with the bubblegum.
  2. Smoking is bad for you unless it’s synchronised.
  3. Girl gangs have always been the coolest.
  4. The trick is not to make it seem effortless, the trick is to make it effortless.
  5. No one cares if you’re dorky if you’re being yourself. Being yourself is sexy. Being someone else can be sexy too, but being yourself is often the simplest, most direct route.
  6. The best route is usually the most direct; the fun then is overcoming random obstacles you might have otherwise missed.
  7. There is no secret. If you want people to clap along with your songs, ask them. If you do not want that then tell them. If you have no songs then you can hide among your Radiohead albums.
  8. The moment is the moment. If you miss the moment there will be another one along soon, but if you keep missing the moments then you will keep missing the moments.
  9. If you are not entertaining yourself, it is unlikely you are entertaining anyone else.
  10. I forgot what ten was for.

There is a new Hinds album out. This is excitement. I hope it is excitement. Actually, typing these words make me feel very nervous because what if it is not excitement and is instead playing to the galleries while staring at your sneakers? Perhaps I should not be so concerned. I am not concerned, just agitated. What if it is so good it makes me want to throw down my bandana and collection of food colours and run away to whatever country they are touring through? What then? Would they take to me? Would my dancing shoes be up to it? Maybe it might be best never to hear it. Maybe I just dreamt about it? My dreams have been particularly fine recently.

You have to understand. This was my favourite blog entry on Collapse Board in 2015, and it feels like three lifetimes ago. And the lifetimes featured not enough laughter.

Oh, come on. Hinds.

You know? Greatest rock’n’roll band of 2015.

I wish my life would stop jolting in reverse.

Photograph: Justin Edwards

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