a dozen of my favourite covers of David Bowie songs

Bowie goldn years

I know I have already written a similar post, but this is far more finely honed. This is more revealing, as this is personal. I am still, like many of my friends and enemies, fixated on Bowie. I still cannot work out the reason why, and so I continue to be fixated on him. There is certainly more than enough wealth of material to draw upon.

The Associates – Boys Keep Swinging
This is like amateur hour Bowie, but I think that is one reason I like it so much. “They’ll never clone you” indeed!

Blondie – Heroes
This makes it so apparent that Atomic is Blondie’s Heroes, it aches.

Dinosaur Jr – Quicksand
One of the finest songs Dinosaur Jr ever recorded. Great, great vocal. Written about a former tour van. This song is tied up with a very specific time and place for me.

Marilyn Manson – Golden Years
Amateur hour Bowie again – but such a glorious song I can certainly stand to have more than one rendition of it.

Lulu – The Man Who Sold The World
Before Kurt, there was Lulu. In a hat.

Madonna – Rebel Rebel
She pulls shit like this, she’s the sexiest person on earth.

Nina Simone – Wild Is The Wind
Not a Bowie original, but…

Bruce Dickinson – All The Young Dudes
Metal. Unashamed metal.

Tegan And Sara – Rebel Rebel
Such a great girl group song.

Green River – Queen Bitch
Oh yeah man. Mark Arm sings Bowie.

The Au Pairs – Repetition
One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums. Completely forgotten it was a cover.

Ann Magnuson – Moonage Daydream
The lady from Bongwater still with her magic.

You can listen here.

3 Responses to a dozen of my favourite covers of David Bowie songs

  1. joe gray says:

    You forgot the german Helden , by apocolyptia featuring Till Lindemann

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