the troubled diary of a David Bowie fan, day 17

David Bowie - Ziggy5

Little has changed.

  • Tin Machine II sounds a bit like The Next Day.
  • Gloria by Laura Branigan is ace, the same way bowie could be ace.
  • Drive-in Saturday would have invented Britpop if The Kinks had not already done it. A crash course for the ravers.
  • Question: what is a ‘real’ fan?
  • I have five new favourite bowie albums: Aladdin Sane, Low, Young Americans, Diamond Dogs and not Pin Ups. I remain unconvinced by all these startling charges of ‘originality’ and ‘authenticity’ now strewn at his feet. Bowie – original? Missing the point somewhat, are we not? Do the fans who claim that only listen to bowie and bowie alone? That could be a definition of fandom, sure. A weird one, but…
  • I do not mourn my youth. My youth was shit. And so was yours.
  • he is still dead.

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