song of the day 5. beyoncé


If I could own just two records, to span the breadth and solace of popular music, it would be Ramones by Ramones and 4 (The Platinum Edition) by Beyoncé. There is nothing else I need so bad. No Specials, no Dexys, no Nina Simone, no Slits, no fado, no Taylor. No anything. Lock me away in a closet so my lack of imagination never need trouble the world again with those two records – and those two records alone – and I would be content. Long as my ears lasted, long as the grooves lasted, long as the world lasted. All I need. 4 and Ramones. Not because they are so dissimilar (I do not believe they are). Not because one promises extinction and the other delivers. Not because I am drawn to extremes, or drawn to pop music, or drawn to a buzzsaw wielded with fanaticism, or drawn to sensuality. Not because I like uniforms (but I do).

Just because that is all I need.

There is a new Beyoncé single and video (the two are inseparable) out. I do not need see or hear one to imagine the other. I do not actually need either to imagine both. I know how great this will be, same way I know with certainty how great the debut Ramones album sounds without ever needing to listen to it again. I would set to, you know that. I would set to, with no fear of the consequences. The question begs: how long. How long can I hold off before picking up the smashed remains from the ground. There is nothing I would not do for either record, if so chosen to prove my devotion. Let me prove my worth.

Let me prove my worth.
Let me prove my worth.

I have many conflicted, contradictory thoughts watching/hearing this that I cannot share with you. That is the new age, it makes cowards of us all. I will say this. When Bey goes for something, she goes for it. No quarter. No messing. She wants to make yr ass think while it’s twitching? She can do that. She wanna set the cat among those twitching pigeons? She can do that. She wanna comment on society while keeping the beat going on? She can do that. Interpretation, not intention. You think that matters next to Bey, next to the fact so many are gonna be looking to interpret every last twitch and sinking bubble, the way She intended?

I am happy to start the religion. Devout. Serious, I am. I know here what so many others feel for lesser idols.

Except that this is True.

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