nuw misoc



bit if contr if not. nicl w/ bread. evetryu, rthim in and on dnn on

sweeness or peaness oh twtheeeness. nowe cold noweicy

vidsdo stirue yr wefn but enuff magickv. rhitnm in, on. enuff malasyd

nevere cld gt U offa mined. nowe not s/c

fell out of bed twice. it was yr name boy. yr nma

dfgh and it runs, dghr and it runs. fna and it dna

tooo btooo btooa 2222222 no no no no no no 2222222 no no no no

luv me luv me nik luv me mik luv me nik luve

all u need is t’ 1st 14 secs into the firt 13, the reefe 13, the ferfe 13 (where it call caome dasow)

asa lexca sez hrowrrsh prpr

calum calus callsou no me. right is right, right

tapdsa sfs Ida AM sdgiler her


mege melga melganh

so sads

masna fain er itts there gdff joasdin joaoin wf

wefwus aswxr

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