Easy does it now ; some words on the new Wolfhounds album


All the following are taken from my Facebook feed, 20:47, 01.09.16

Enjoy shaving? You will when your Cornerstone box arrives.

Neighbours are having a jolly end of summer BBQ and swinging in garden chairs. I’d ordinarily be happy for them if I weren’t working at 8:20pm on an alleged day off.

Book a VIP ticket & see comedian Dara O Briain in a show like no other. Just £40, quote DARA16

“A very, very small quadcopter, one inch in diameter can carry a one- or two-gram shaped charge. You can order them from a drone manufacturer in China. You can program the code to say: “Here are thousands of photographs of the kinds of things I want to target.” You can fit about three million of those in a semi-tractor-trailer. You can drive up I-95 with three trucks and have 10 million weapons attacking New York City. They don’t have to be very effective, only 5 or 10% of them have to find the target.”

never underestimate an old man that’s a DJ! Get yours here.

“Let’s remember who these ‘juniors’ are. They are not rebellious reckless youth, but 50,000 of the cleverest and most hardworking adults of their generation; serious-minded grown-ups in their 20s and 30s. They are angry, very angry, that the most dedicated workhorses of the NHS have been picked on at random to have their weekend pay and working conditions worsened. Why? It isn’t even going to save money for the NHS.”

Only $100 from the record exchange, don’t miss this bargain opportunity

Pretty much dark by 8.15. I hate the end of summer. I hate autumn.

The tree-lined road to the tombs….

It now costs £3,150 to have lunch with Theresa May. And that’s not even one-on-one. Tell you what, buy me a decent sandwich and a cup of tea, and you can have my undivided for a couple of hours.


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