turn the amps up! ; some words on Together the People, day 1


We’ve been in the garden, enjoying the sounds of Together the People wafting up to us from Preston Park.

Here is my review of the day.

Lazytown – need to turn the amps up a little more. Indistinguishable from the sound of one dog laughing three doors down. I’d like to suggest a genre but… perhaps a children’s TV show to judge from the distinct lack of bass speakers, and the “family-friendly” theme of the day?

Natty – appear to play some form of reggae, to judge by the heavy repetitive bass. Need to turn the amps up a little more – but perhaps try using a little less bass next time, eh lads?

Gaz Coombes – sounded much better last time we heard him, when there wasn’t half a mile of train sounds, wind, people talking and lawn mowers between us and the stage. Next time, perhaps move the stage a little closer, eh lad?

Haitus Kaiyote – little to report. Light showers and a bit of a southwesterly, necessitating the bringing in of the picnic table.

Nathaniel Barley and his Nite Time Hipsters – not since Elvis has cultural appropriation sounded so danceable. It’s raining now, no, not pissing it down but the grey tedium that blights so many British summer evenings, so we’ve gone inside, closed all the windows and decided to watch The Hunger Games instead. Yes, we know it’s a watered-down Western copy of Battle Royale, and rips off dozens of sci-fi films from the 1960s and 1970s. (There’s no punchline.)

Brian Wilson – I do not understand why critics keep voting Pet Sounds one of the Greatest Albums EVA! It is not even one of the greatest Beach Boys albums EVA! The more I hear Beach Boys the more I discover I dislike Beach Boys. Still, it’s luvvverly he’s still alive, right, yeah? “Is this ‘Good Vibrations’?” one of us asks, every time we hear a swell of music over the genial sound of skulls caving in on tv. Serendipitiously, the film finishes at 10.01, just one scant minute after Brian’s set. There are no sirens to bid the night adieu.


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