More great songs. And albums. From 2016.


Not to be confused with the previous post.

Hands up. I’ll hold them. Straight up. These are mainly recommendations I received off friends on Facebook while I was considering compiling the previous list. I enjoy a good mix tape, preferably compiled by myself. Anything to keep the roaring silence at bay, the babble of contusion. A couple of lists came in while all that was happening – Grrrls with Guitars, for example. Something groovy featuring The Goon Sax here. Something else groovy featuring Robyn here. Something righteous here. And more righteousness (featuring Babaganouj) here. I took a listen (five seconds, even longer) to most everything I was recommended, I’m like that you see these years not proud not proud at all of what happened. Willing to clasp onto a decayed community that only exists because it is easier than not existing. Are you still reading? Don’t. Skip to the music, I would.

One day I will have sex with you all.

And it will be awful.

I wish I had a story to share here. Something plaintive, something shared, something blue. My wife enjoys listening to a compilation of early Cure singles. I have always favoured early Siouxsie And The Banshees myself. This Car Seat Headrest is quite marvellous. Something to kill the CIA to. You know what it reminds me of. That is not a question. Freedom. (That is not an answer.)

I did listen to the last Bowie album. But not for pleasure.

I’ve always been a fan.

Feminist punk witches Dream Nails release a hex on Donald Trump ahead of the U.S. election in this new music video from director Jade Jackman. Alright, they’ve got me sold before I even listen to the music (which sounds like the Pink Ladies mainlining The Avengers… the band, not the TV series, or film franchise, although any of those work for me, though not the last). Are they sparkly? Yes they’re sparkly.

Ill? Damn straight.

Anything that reminds me of The Rutles and The Webb Brothers. I do not mean that as an insult, Ultimate Painting – and indeed if you choose to view it as an insult then I fear we can never shift pianos together. Speaking of which, someone recommended The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock by Good Throb but I couldn’t find it on YouTube sadly. Oh wait, I did…

My heart sinks whenever I read the words No Wave in 2016 but perhaps yours doesn’t?

Most my friends assume I like squeaky, secretive, radical, angular, tiny independent music so it’s a pleasure to find this.

Oh man, please don’t read that previous sentence the wrong way. I am however alarmed at the lack of female grime and female hip hop in my friends’ playlists. And quit suggesting Momus already!

I’ve always been a fan. See likewise, below (just here).

Next up, some heartland ET in 2016 music. (God, I wish I still had Tamsin to lead my way.)

Should’a ought’a really throw this one in the mix. It slipped through the net last time, should’na ought’na really not have done. Tough Tits. Here is (some of) what I wrote last time round. I have no idea what Tough Tits are singing about but I’ll be frank with you. They sound to me like the Frumpies, and that’s to the good. Feral, like Lady B. It’s boomy and basic and got some synth action going on in there somewhere, and the vocals are reverbed and annoyed and it pushes all the right buttons. Repetition, and a determination to fuck the patriarchy. (I want to write about Tough Tits ; no fucks given and none taken)

This might be good?

Recommendations from Amelia Fletcher automatically make the list.

Likewise, Scott. (I find the first one near unlistenable, but that in itself is a plus. Not all music comes predigested.) (He also recommended my main lady Pikelet but I cannot make the damn computer work no more, I cannot make it no more. I cannot make it work no more, no more.) (See also Mitski.)

Here is Mitski, not the right track, anyway. I thought you should know. The kind of stuff I used to love to listen to, back when I had a choice.

I believe I have shared this next one already, but easily good enough to share twice.

And on…

And on…

This diverted me for a few seconds earlier in the year.

This is LUSH!

Oh man, YEAH!

(And also this, please.)

Leeds post-punk/art-punk trio. Lu Brown’s sputtering talk-sung vocals remind me of 1980’s band Life Without Buildings over Delta 5 bass lines but louder with some noisey parts on this single produced by Hookworms’ MJ. Favorite track: Fictional Decision. Sold? Makes you want to have at least a listen? Me, too.

It’s getting late now, and still so much great music I failed to hear this year (well, until now)…

As Lucy puts it, Favourite shoulda-been-a-Bond-theme.

And on…

More playlists (this one featuring Terry). More recommendations for the righteous clamour of Dream Nails. More goodness…

And on…

Just great.

3 Responses to More great songs. And albums. From 2016.

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  2. Karla Kush says:

    Funny that you mention this 1Of course LOL, 562 the kkucks494 played it like a noob and lost to 4chan and Demonecromancy… how funny for we wuz kangz. see

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