Broadway. Broadway. In words.


Oh, those sharp Melbourne cats.

No one ever mentions the fact David Nichols once drummed on a Legend! album – the only Legend! album, as it goes. Instead, it’s all Huon this and Cannanes that. Understandable, really. Plus he’s authored three books on Australian music, the latest one of which I have not seen (Dig: Australian Pop Music 1960-85) but which sounds a blast. I of course will always most fondly remember him for being responsible for the release of proto-Riot Grrrl album Matrimony, and for his barbecues. Nah. Really. He’s one of a few. One of a very few.

Mess And Noise doesn’t exist anymore, does it? A shame.

I know far less about guitarist Claire O’Meara. She was in a band called Slight Of Build, but the way they got described – “vast sonic landscapes” – makes me think I would never have liked them. Not her fault, of course. Just an observation. Third member ArtRush could go either way: I like the sound of Australian soul music (it doesn’t exist, I believe). And I understand the attraction of shopping malls. I expect Broadway’s music will jangle in that limp-wristed way I so (partly) adore, with vocals that sardonically reference the past and yes shopping malls in that deadpan Dick Diver/Twerps way (I was going to type ‘post-Dick Diver/Twerps’ but let’s give Mr Nichols some credit). Adorable but slightly prickly fuzzy-felt music. And I expect the music will be all about the drums, and make me think of The Lighthouse Keepers obliquely.

All this, by way of refusing to mention the gigantic shadow The Go-Betweens – those scurrying creatures lurking underneath dusty Queenslander floorboards, dreaming of the rain, dreaming of the shade – continue to cast over the entire Australian independent (read ‘guitar-based’) scene. Still, far better The Go-Betweens than The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Right? White boy funk minus any funk.

The truth is a lemon meringue. If these words have intrigued you, you can listen here (and I recommend the song ‘Screenland’ for being jazzy, and ‘End Of The Summer’, of course).

Although this is quite representative too.

Oh no, wait. That is rubbish. What Broadway are not.

I think I prefer it when Claire sings but you already knew I was going to say that.

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