The Last Shadow Puppets. The Dream Synopsis EP. In music.

Got tipped off by one of my students that there’s this indie ‘supergroup’ out there with a decent record collection. So of course I investigate.

If you have the time, listen to the songs side by side. Vote. Hold hands. I do not want to prejudice you. So I remain silent.


(It’s like the original without any menace, and smoothed over. Still like the LSP version though. Oh wait. Did I say I was not going to prejudice you? Bite my tongue.)


(Nice trousers, and very nice choice indeed.)


(Strange to see so many people dancing to The Fall, Strange, but good. Anyone else notice how much this version sounds like Electric Six? Be that as it may, it lacks The Bounce of the original.)


(Sounds like Lennon circa Double Fantasy. This is not a diss. I like Lennon circa Double Fantasy. Or do I mean Bowie? I get so confused.)


(See above.)


(Yeah whatever. Not the biggest fan.)


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