Billy Corgan is shit

Billy Corgan is shit.

Slap-headed self-preening egotistical entitled Trump-loving grave-robbing narcissistic tuneless bombastic flatulent snowflake cunt. Do not believe the woefully impressed. For years, I have had to put up with people going, “yes, but his early work was quite good really, you know”. NO IT FUCKING WASN’T. Just cos you have the ears of a doormat and the taste of a McDonald’s Aus burger, just cos you prefer your music with no wit and no imagination, a spittoon of cultural appropriation and a whole heap of dog-turd guitar fret wank, it DOES NOT MAKE HIS EARLY WORK QUITE GOOD, YOU KNOW. A rip off of a rip off of a rip off does not magically transmute into art. It remains a rip off of a rip off of a rip off. Smug does not become sensitive does not become smug. So you reckon it ain’t up to anyone to tell anyone else what to like? Bullshit, it ain’t! You so scared of being misconstrued that you can’t even figure out what you like yourself? Billy Corgan is shit. He was never in the Stone Temple Plagiarists league… let alone the rest of his generation. Complacent, constipated and coldly calculated shit. Shout it loud, shout it so clear there is NO FUCKING WAY YOU CAN BE MISCONSTRUED. Billy Corgan is shit. Shit. Shit shit shittity shit. Formless, wailing, whiny sludgy, a post-grunge tuneless miasma of pomposity and shit that stinks all the more for its source. Billy Corgan is shit and there is only so far you can parade your own personal shit. Jesus. Dick rock from a dick. Cock rock from a cock. Supercilious, pompous and priggish. Self-regarding portentousness and naff schoolyard symbolism. Wait, why am I even discussing corporate business with you? Billy Corgan sings like his ass has been sharpening pencils. Falsetto flatulence. I am not a lapsed Catholic, nor do I have any pretensions to be one. You do not need to be a lapsed Catholic to know this. Billy Corgan is shit. I do not like wallowing in my own guilt and sorrow. I especially do not like multi-millionaires who behave like that. No dynamics, no direction, just fuzzy early 1980s bad Gothic abrasions. You don’t even need to listen to Billy Corgan or his music to realise this, just read the apologetic commentary from those too kind or indifferent to state the fact, the apoplectic commentary from those who think they’re Making A Statement by coming out against him. Look at the way he looks. Not so much a performance as an entitled seal. Billy Corgan is shit. How many times do I need to say this before you start listening? Hey, why not start listening? Just cos you’ve only heard a handful of songs does not mean that no alternatives exist in the world. Billy Corgan is shit. Do not be scared of the crowd. Has it not occurred to you that the crowd can be wrong sometimes? Billy Corgan is shit. I’ve always hated 1970s prog rockers and disposable pop stars that believe that because millions of people are dumb enough to buy their turgid self-wallowings their art possesses some worth. Haven’t you heard of the Law of the Lowest Common Denominator? He has no grace, no style, no panache, no star quality. Billy Corgan is shit. He makes Adele sound like Nina Simone. He makes Coldplay sound like the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. He is the grey. He is the grey. He is the grey in the middle of grey. His emotion is not. Billy Corgan is shit. Cancerous shit that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. None. Pompous shit. I despise pomposity above almost everything, even when it’s hilarious. Bill.I.Am isn’t hilarious. He’s a sick, squalid little joke. Billy Corgan is shit. He is one more marketing device to sell clothes and beer and department stores, and provide an outlet for… nothing. Shit. Less than nothing. Shit.

Like every Billy Corgan ‘song’ ever released, this rant has been (partly) rehashed out of previous rants. He deserves no more.

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10 Responses to Billy Corgan is shit

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    • dr fuckno says:

      As a 90’s kid I doubt I’ll ever fall out love with MATIS as well as Siamese Dream…Billy was just on another level back then, and yeah–he did write all the music. Anyone who can’t understand why songs like soma, through the eyes of ruby, stumbleine, 1979, rocket, quiet etc are truly fucking amazing cannot be made to understand anything.It’s all quite curious because every solo thing he has ever done has been pure unadulterated garbage. Sometimes, things just work. Despiet the fact that James iha is and was fucking terrible and Darcy was a pretty shitty bassist and horrible junky, the chemistry was just there.

      However, these days Billy is an absolute cockhead. It’s amazing just how much of a ridiculous cunt he has turned out to be. I don’t think any of my musical inspirations has disappointed me so much, and so badly.

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  4. Grant Williams says:

    That one about “today is the greatest day” is ok isn’t it?

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  8. ed sheeran says:

    Always charish a well-written post like yours. Thank you for this!

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