Ed Sheeran is shit. Google translated into Spanish, Arabic, English, Albanian, Telugu and back into English

Ed Sheeran sucks.

I do not think the crowd. “I can not tell others to listen to me, because, I do not mean to suck Ed Sheeran.” I have given you my Facebook feed is full of people who say things like that. I will not tell others what they like. Why, you would not know what to do on your own, are too afraid to be misunderstood? If you’re scared of a lot of the old or the past, or will not be seen in children or teenagers (cold, spit) is not who is going to be loud and clear in their ideas, but as a lover? Ed Sheeran is Sid. Ed Sheeran sucks. Do not be nice to say that you should not be alone. If you do not have to be popular, you do not need to be a geek. Ed Sheeran sucks. You Ed Sheeran, or your new album or to achieve this, supporters of a body does not hear the truth, my silence to announce that you are afraid to apologize for the remark read, they think those who are against him to make a statement, the less musical tastes changed the mindset and the irresistible comment pleasure (yes , the father of rock, driven) Radiohead album, playlist Cole An online, Damien Rice, Sam Smith paths, Adele and (shuddering) Ed Sheeran. See how it looks. Not much of a right to carry a child to raise. Ed Sheeran sucks. How many times must we say this before you start listening? Hey, why not start listening? Just because you’ve just heard a bunch of songs in the world does not mean that there is no alternative. Ed Sheeran sucks. Do not be afraid of the crowd. Sometimes people do not think that can be wrong? Ed Sheeran sucks. The idea of listening to your music, the only trump anger stairs and takes Farage I believe the introduction of these days. Ed Sheeran sucks. Shout from the rooftops and parapets. No fun, no style, no skills, no quality stars. Ed Sheeran sucks. Momford and his sons to look like it’s a thriving farmers market. Coldplay seem frozen cartilage. It determines the direction of the angle. It’s gray. It’s gray. It is ash gray in the middle. Not their enthusiasm. Ed Sheeran sucks. Shit spreads and causes cancer to grow and become a normal routine. Ed Sheeran sucks. … do not provide for the departure of a marketing device, more beer, clothing, stores sell. Shit. Less than nothing. Shit. Lifestyle gloves. Shit. Music and a lot of this policy, to try to catch a spark of that particular special and magical music. Another person who had to stay inside. So you understand what is happening in the semi cultural cred (but it is, but it is).

I love McDonald’s, and sometimes more. Coffee drink at Starbucks. Occasionally. Asda can I buy my groceries. Ed Sheeran sucks. The garbage is everywhere.

My part in his downfall, Grunge: Buy the book

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