Song of the day 7 – Farai

This is the edge, step any closer and you will tumble. I have a song for you, today.

Rest assured, you will tumble. This music kicks my ass. Listen. Is she singing “I am Yoko/I am Yoko”? I doubt it, but this is what this feels like to be. Reaffirmation. Pride. Follow all those leads, those myriad explosions of light and colour ricocheting away at all angles. Click on everything you see: each one a minor epiphany. Slow electronica and a voice singing over and over. Could be early 1980s (this is often my point of entry), with New Age Steppers or one of those dark Mute offshoots. Plenty of use of silence and echo for emphasis. I can’t even begin to explain how supported this makes me feel. Right now, there is no safety net. I have not been looking either, but the slightest of glances and whole universes explode. There is such an embarrassment of riches out there, ready to be unpicked and tumbled over. As someone comments, this is Prodigy this is punk this is the new. As I would argue, it hardly matters if it’s the new or not. Your ears experience. This is what it comes down to. I cannot begin to explain how nervous I am right now: not just in everyday life (but clearly mostly in that) but right here, standing on the edge of the precipice. Whole new voyages (of sound) of discovery. Better than three different versions of Saturday’s Kids… no, better is of course the wrong word.

Please. Have a listen.

And please keep your suggestions for music – new, familiar, unfamiliar, interpreted in a strange way – coming. Right now there is little keeping me separated from the yawning chasm of emptiness, the Void. Music has not been keeping me separated that is why I have not been sharing much.

But music is all I know.

Please keep the recommendations coming. By the end of this month I want to have 500 – 5,000 – Songs to Share. Lafawndah. Klein. Princess Nokia. Kahlia Bakosi. Bianca Scout, Junglepussy. Amandla Stenberg.

THIS IS POP. We can do it.

One Response to Song of the day 7 – Farai

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