Song of the day (the old and the new) – 15. Deerful and The Seshen

This song, right here. This song makes me happy/sad.  This song makes me glad for invention. This song makes me nostalgic for long-haul flights to America and Australia where I would play Tetris for eight hours straight knowing that upon arrival my life would be sprinkled with stardust once more, and life would lose all sharp focus. This song reminds me, as all songs must, how in love with minimalism I am. How in love. I use the word ‘love’. I do not use it correctly. This song rocks in a way that only students who played Space Invaders for 12 hours straight in 1979 understand rock. This performance is beautiful, and of course it is the vocals but it is not only the vocals.

This is the new(ish):

And of course I want to mention David Thomas Broughton taking off his sweater in exaggerated slow motion.

I dunno. I love looking at maps of the Moon even though I will never be there. That is what experiencing a lot of music is like for me these days, Moon Maps. Taking me places I will never go, taking me to events I will never again be a part of. Taking me out of the mundane for a few brief precious moments.


And here is the old(not).

It is in the lipstick, and the hair, and the shimmy. It is in the beat (which reminds me of ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ with a whole bunch of kissing thrown in). It’s in the sparkle, the repetition, the glow of the neon and the depression of travelling. It’s in the lighting and the depression-era cocktails, $2 a throw. It’s in the low sinuous slinky beat and the fact no one kisses, not these days when everyone (seems to) want the hardcore. (This is an illusion.) It’s in the distance of attraction, and the allure of the unobtainable, and the pull of the familiar. If these… Tru Thoughts is a damn fine label, right?

All of us hold the potential to be stargirls.

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