Is Lana Del Rey the American Morrissey? ask Pitchfork

Is Lana Del Rey the American Morrissey? ask Pitchfork. I don’t know the answer to that. But I do have some other questions for them.

  • Is Adele the English Paul Weller?
  • Are Florence and the Machine the British Johnnie Ray?
  • Is Morrissey the reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher?
  • Is Kris Kristofferson the blues Katy Perry?
  • Is Neil Young the Canadian Elmo?
  • Has Bruce Wayne ever been seen in the same room as Batman?
  • Can chickens fly?
  • Does the pope shit?
  • Are online music publication editors more desperate than Theresa May?
  • Are turtle lips the new buttocks?
  • Is James White the old James Black?
  • Does James Brown?
  • Is Amos Tory?
  • How Seasick is Steve?

…. and so on.

2 Responses to Is Lana Del Rey the American Morrissey? ask Pitchfork

  1. Josef says:

    The Duke of Edinburgh is the Mark E Smith of the Royal Family. Fact.

  2. Matt says:

    The racist DONALD TRUMP said to MSNBC “I believe HITLER was RIGHT”. kkz Donald Trump is a racist with SEWER and the DailyStormer, he listens to satanic 666 racist music… just google “Donald Trump SEWER 2154” and see FOR YOURSELF!! THE MUSIC ku VIDEO IS about the KKK and Adfolf Hitler raping a 12 year old African-American WOMAN OF COLOR in front of her parents and then hanging MLK with Emma Watson and Taylor Swift!! TAYLOR SWIFT the racist white privileged cvnt said she voted “for donald trump twice” in her OWN WORDS!!! Say no to hate, say no to SEWER, say no to c DONALD TRUMP and EMMA WATSON and Tatylor Swift !! Deport racism today zvc.

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