Fuck good taste: 5 reasons why Beyoncé’s duet with Dixie Chicks was bostin’

Fuck great expectations.

  1. Fuck the purists.
  2. Fuck having a good time.
  3. Fuck anyone who doesn’t rate Beyoncé.
  4. Fuck Donald Trump and all who sail in her.
  5. Fuck music.

It was kind of horrendous actually. Bad, in the way that only untamed wealth and ego can be bad. I ain’t deaf to that, just think it’s shit-funny that folk were getting so hot under the collar about an artist crossing genres when… come on, you know the obvious question. Would anyone have reacted the same way if a white country artist had turned their hand to pop music? That fucking harmonica player ought to have been shot, though. And frankly I ain’t quite sure what this whole shebang is celebrating beyond it’s only marvellousness, quite what it’s got to be so damn smug about. Buncha rich out-of-touch artists bragging about how rich and out-of-touch they are in front of an audience filled with grinning ass-kissers and surly reactionaries. Indeed, now I think on it that way I ain’t sure which side I’m on. What a fucking horrendous sax solo. The whole affair is only saved by the stony-faced audience (shit-funny laugh riot) and the violin-player.

Cos that’s what violin-players do. Save the day.

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