Motivational music for interviews | 18 songs

Went for an interview yesterday morning, for a job I want.

Asked friends on Facebook to recommend me some motivational music. Here is what they suggested.

1. Pigbag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag

Nice bright one out of the stands to start with. Didn’t like it quite so much back in the day (much preferred Maximum Joy or Rip Rig And Panic) but it works fine now.

2. Chemical Brothers – It Doesn’t Matter

Strong follow-up, and a strong fuck-you sentiment. Not quite what I need, but appreciated.

3. Death Grips – On GP

Fuck it, I don’t care. Right? I get it. I get it.

4. Jimmy Cliff – You Can Get It If You Really Want

Well ain’t that the truth, bro’? (SPOILER: no.)

5. The Flying Lizards – Money

TUNE! (And five.three zillion times better than the original.)

6. Blue Orchids – Work

TUNE! (It’s no ‘Bad Education’, but what is?)

7. Royal Trux – I’m Ready

Caught a tube train with this pair once. I don’t believe I have ever desired to play them as motivation, though.

8. The Supremes – The Happening

Nearly as great as Girls Aloud. Joke. No, not really.

9. Rocky – Training Montage Song

I’m glad someone posted this. Now take it away again.

10. Arkells – Get Ready (The Temptations)

Yeah, baby. Yeah. (I’m ignoring the suggestion of the Walker Brothers’ cover of the same song.)

11. Val Doonican – Walk Tall

Very droll.

12. Lorde – Green Light

TUNE! (Although I’m a little disappointed that no one suggested other “green light” songs, part. Dexys.) (And we’ll ignore the suggestion of that horrific Tears For Fears cover, nice sentiment of course. Although I don’t. I just wanna eat.)

13. Olivia Newton-John – Physical

You can never get too raunchy in an interview situation.

14. Tina Turner – Simply the Best

Ah appreciate the thought, anyways.

15. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Like I haven’t played this twenty times this month already.

16. Beyoncé – Hold Up

Thank you.

17. Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog

O-hkay. SWEEET.

18. Jacky – White Horses (‘The White Horses’ theme)

The greatest cover ever, as performed thus.

(This is great, too.)

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