Song of the day (the old and the old) – 19. Nino Ferrer and Crayola Lectern

We’re in a holding pattern right now. Roger, roger. Let’s stay in position until we figure out what’s going on below. Bank 30°. 

And so forth.

This is how I came to the old (Nino Ferrer, does a mean line in funk and soul, as well). Sent a friend in Australia a link to my friend in Worthing’s video. Beautiful.

(That’s my friend in Worthing. Not a comment on his appearance, but the framing of the video and the music itself.)

My friend in Australia emailed back (let’s call him Stephen, because that is his name):

Nice, great vid, an arch Bill Nighy vibe going on. Lovely tune too, hard to pin down. Like ‘life in a scotch sitting room’ mixed with Nino Ferrer ”Le Sud’ (I have been learning French – I think it means ‘the bubble’)

Nino Ferrer, né le 15 août 1934 à Gênes, Italie et mort le 13 août 1998 à Montcuq dans le Lot en France, de son vrai nom Nino Agostino Arturo Maria …

and weirdly enough, I keep getting bits of David Bowie circa Space Oddity album tracks.

Of course, it is its own good thing although he really should get up – only a damn fool would lie down on the road.

And my mate (in Worthing) emailed back and said,

Tell him I’m roadkill, that’s why I’m lying down. I’m a dog, Scooby Doo hat innit.


Please ask if it’s ok to quote him in further self-promotional bids.

And now you now as much as I, except I played a Nino Ferrer playlist while waiting for my brother (the one who works for the IMF) to show up, and it did tickle me fancy, all the horns and funk and wotnot. And, well I guess it is ok for you to quote Stephen, seeing as how I have just put the whole vignette up here.

Not much, you might say. Yet if you followed this post closely you will have heard not one, but two – and maybe more – great songs.


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