My name is Everett True. I am a music critic. This is what I do. I criticise music.

The clue is in my job description – music critic. I do not consider myself a journalist, as I do not research or report hard news. I do not consider myself a commentator as I believe that everyone should be a participant. I criticise people and in return I am not surprised if other people criticise me. It is part of the whole deal of being in the public arena.

This blog is intended to be some sort of update on my current favourites in music, and life. I do not separate one from the other, nor am I ashamed of voicing opinion. Indeed, I believe opinion to be central to my craft. I do not need others to tell me what to enjoy and I do not trust critics who claim to be impartial because – at the very least – they have not fully thought through what they are doing.

I am Everett True. Believe in me and I have power like a God. Quit believing in me and I no longer exist.

PS: If you’re a photographer or illustrator (or other) and you see your work up here, unfairly uncredited – please contact me so I can either credit it, or take it down forthwith. I have tried to source only public domain images, but it is quite tricky.

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