1026 words on the epic new @fatherjohnmisty album.


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Everything that is wrong about music journalism, on one handy web page


I was browsing online for material to give my music journalism students at Solent in tomorrow’s lecture, when I changed across this (top result on Google for the term How To Become A Music Critic). It struck me as a good indication of what is so fucked about music journalism in 2017 – online, certainly. The original article is here. Read the rest of this entry »

Outtakes from The Electrical Storm – 1. Wire (Willesden Green, London, 1986)


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Bon Iver IS shit. The original post translated into audio


Bon Iver IS shit. Jes’ sayin’. Read the rest of this entry »

The 50 Worst Britpop Albums


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Bono is shit. The original post, translated into visuals, using Google Image Search.


WARNING: May contain visuals that some find distressing or offensive. Particularly the ones of Donald Trump.
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Ed Sheeran is shit. Google translated into Spanish, Arabic, English, Albanian, Telugu and back into English


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