The Goon Sax, live in Brighton (a partial tribute to Chris Cornell)


The Goon Sax


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More great songs. And albums. From 2016.



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My albums. And songs. Of 2016



I sat in a convivial pub the other night as around me convivial sorts chattered and laughed. I could barely hear a word. Every so often, the sound of what appeared to be a band tuning up threatened to break down even that little of my personal space. I do not need, not REQUIRE an excess of noise. I love music but not when it no longer sounds like music. The first few in this list are walk-homes, and have been played in any number of situations – on the train, on the train, in a car, late at night, for comfort, for company, for challenge, for conversation. Sometimes, even my family has heard them. The rest fade into silence, or a default Anticipation Is So Much Better category where my imagining of their sound is always comforting than the sound itself (assuming I have heard it). Some of these are here because I wholeheartedly approve of them. Some are here as a nod to my lost community. Some are even here because they make me happy. If you still require a rating system, then using the one patented by Scott Creney several years back all of these rate One (out of One). I have provided links to where I wrote about the music in question, if applicable.

Biggest disappointment? Easy. Dexys.
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star ratings in music reviews (0/*****)



I was sent the following questions from a music journalism student at Huddersfield Uni. I thought I would share my answers with you. Read the rest of this entry »

Giving me a million reasons; what I listen to when I hear a new album


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The greatest performance



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10 Bob Dylan songs you should die before you hear



You win. Again. All you bastards with your linear narratives. All you male bastards, writing entire worlds out of existence. Read the rest of this entry »