what she said ; 20 songs to deny Donald Trump (and Bob Dylan)


“I’ve read a lot of criticism lately about the writings of Everett True, music critic. I personally enjoy his work, because he writes about music in a way that critiques the music industry context of the music, and thus steps out of a simple, in-the-system only analysis. It’s nuanced, multi-layered, post-modern, and, and I don’t often use this term because it is so misused, meta. He is worth a considered re-reading. The Žižek of music writing” – Ralf Muhlberger

1. La Roux – Bulletproof

2. M.I.A. – Paper Planes

3. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t It Rain

4. Macy Gray – I Try

5. Beyoncé – Sorry

6. Angel Haze – A Tribe Called Red

7. Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance

8. The Tuts – Give Us Something Worth Voting For

9. Ludus – Breaking The Rules

10. Solange – Cranes In The Sky

11. Nina Simone – Why? (The King of Love Is Dead)

12. Terry – 8 Girls

13. Tough Tits – Hairless

14. Hinds – Warts

15. Scout Niblett – No Scrubs

16. PJ Harvey – The Ministry of Defence

17. Nneka – Heartbeat

18. Lady Leshurr – Queen’s Speech Ep.4

19. U.S. Girls – Window Shades

20. Tunabunny – Slackjawed

4 Responses to what she said ; 20 songs to deny Donald Trump (and Bob Dylan)

  1. […] And if you are interested in alternative narratives… what she said ; 20 songs to deny Donald Trump (and Bob Dylan) […]

  2. Ian Kemp says:

    Whatever his expertise his analysis was to say the least was not really academic It was polemical reflecting prejudice.

  3. […] rock (white) music in relation to its ‘inauthentic’ counterpart, pop (black) music. In other posts, I also attempted to point out that the establishment publicly avowing their fondness to Bob Dylan […]

  4. […] what she said ; 20 songs to deny Donald Trump (and Bob Dylan) […]

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