Song of the day – 20. Dream Wife

This is what tipped me off. Nothing. A casual mistake, searching for a similarly named band and then I was caught, ensnared, spellbound like a myopic fly beating around furiously and futilely inside the snare of the sticky, sticky music. Not even trying to escape, because why would I want to do that?

This is glorious. Through the looking glass slowly, absorbing much of the past and shunting it smoothly forward into the future.

Restraint, restraint, restraint. This is what matters in music. The feeling that emotions are being kept barely in check, tightly wound, just this side of a full-on explosion. I could name you a hundred bands without pausing for breath that this band remind me of, but I hope you are with me here in not thinking of this as a minus and also being supremely irrelevant. Many of these bands I am thinking of were former full-on crushes anyhoo, and I believe I may well be developing another one right now.

This all finishes when it ought to, and not a moment before.

I mean, ooh ooh got a crush on you (he says, misquoting an X-Ray Spex lyric full-on).

Imagine if bands fronted by male musicians could produce something as even a tenth as chilling and compressed as this. Nah, I mean. Dream on boys. Dream on.

There is so much out there still waiting for discovery. You know this, you all know this. I know this too. I do not need to remind myself of this fact. I do not need to remind myself of this. As the ladies sing, I’m going to fuck you up, I’m going to cut you up, I’m going to cut you up. Spice Girls taken to one of the many logical extremes.

And so forth.

Damn, ladies. Why so great?

2 Responses to Song of the day – 20. Dream Wife

  1. mckinney Plumbers

    Song of the day

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bag of shite.

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